Australia is sooo expensive?! Well, it doesn't have to be. Also budget traveling is possible and you can easily save loads of money by following 3 easy tricks. 
  1. shared rides

To find a travel mate is not only cheaper but also way more fun. You have plenty of possibilities to find the right partner for your next adventure: 

Hop Hop Ride ((

It’s a new platform, made by backpackers for backpackers. You can find all ride offers and sort them by departing city. It is used for short and also long distances. The good thing is that you already can get some information about the driver by looking at his profile and description. 

ridesharebackpackerSeveral Facebook Groups

There are several facebook groups for backpackers in Australia. Mostly, people post ride offers. So if you are looking for travelmates, just post what you are looking for or what you have to offer. Especially for longer trips, I strongly recommend to meet up with your travelmates to get to know eachother better and discuss all the organizational stuff ( like food, equipment, route, timeframe etc.) 


Gumtree is a pretty universal instrument. Besides of finding jobs, cars, rooms and much more, they also have a community part in which you can search for lift offers but also inserate what you are looking for. Be careful, there are pretty often dodgy and weird people on gumtree, so don’t leave your number and if you have a strange feeling, don’t meet them. I got a few very weird responses. The funniest ones you can find in this post.    
  1. Car or Campervan Relocation

Many relocation deals are last minute.You don’t have a car, don’t have much time or money? – campervan relocation is the perfect solution for you. There are several websites where you can check for relocating a car or campervan. Mostly, you pay just a small amount for hiring the vehicle ($1-$5 dollar per day) and also a fuel allowance.I relocated a motorhome from Brisbane to Sydney and got 200$ dollars fuel allowance, which has covered fully the fuel costs. Mostly, your time is quite limited, so you will not have much time to explore areas but it will be enough time to stop on the way. Just check out a few pages and find your right deal.The biggest Anbieter are: 
  1. Hitchhiking

hitchhikeaustraliaThis way of traveling is something for real adventure lovers and people with a lot of time. You will not enjoy it, if you have a tight schedule or you love comfy traveling. You will never know who are you meeting next and how long it will take, but one is for sure: it’s big fun and you will have the greatest stories to tell. If you are new to hitchhiking, go with a friend and plan only small distances. Especially on the east coast, the distances between towns are pretty “short” (Well, it’s still Australia, by short I mean 200-400km). To stay safe, it’s better to start in the morning and not hitchhiking in the dark or over night. 

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